On Downsizing Government I

Our governmental system, top to bottom, tends to reward people with pay levels, bonuses and amounts of bonuses, promotions and tenure based on how many people are subordinate in the organizational chart. [Note that by “tenure” I include, academic tenure, union-driven untouchables and civil service rules precluding termination of employment.] Several things are apparent.

  • There is no incentive to reduce the size of any organization, anywhere, anytime.

  • Searches, both open and furtive, for continuing tasks indefinitely and making additions to original “charters” are rewarded.

  • Any tasks or goals in those charters not achieved are immediately and continually attributed to lack of funding and resources.

  • Political appointees to superior positions in the hierarchy (unencumbered by experience, training or education in the position to which appointed) are easily prevented from downsizing. Their senior permanent staff are experienced, trained and educated to do exactly that.  

  • That same senior permanent staff are, by nature and the rewards systems mentioned, prone to aggrandizing increasing authority into government and are, almost by definition, statists.

Unless we are willing to take this system on and defeat it, downsizing government is a dream.


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