Everyone has a Worldview

  • Not everyone has a religion but everyone has a worldview.
    • The concept of worldview, or Weltanschauung, has become a sort of fundamental, if unarticulated, assumption in Western society. According to http://www.projectworldview.org :
      • “A worldview is a conceptual framework and a set of beliefs used to make sense out of a complex, seemingly chaotic Reality based on  your perceptions, experience and learning.  Besides incorporating a purpose or “raison d’etre,” it provides an outlook or expectation for the world as it exists or is perceived to exist–one that you base predictions about the future on.  It continually evolves–indeed, you spend the rest of your life testing and refining it, based on feedback you get.  As it develops, it increasingly becomes the source of your goals and desires, and as such it shapes your behavior and values.”
    • Our churches often think they are competing with other religions or denominations or even sects, and maybe they are, but more often the worldview differences are in the way. When spreading our good news, we really need to identify how someone perceives the world. For example:
    • From “Finding Truth” by Nancy Pearcy:
      • Enlightenment rationalists made a god of reason;
      • Romantics deify the imagination;
      • Nationalists idolize the nations;
      • Marxists offer an economic version of sin and salvation;
    • Others:
      • Humanists pursue the perfectibility of man with nothing divine;
      • Progressives pursue perfection as a political deity
      • Islam seeks world domination under Allah and the Koran
      • Judeo-Christians seek revelation applicable to all people
      • Postmodernists declare there is no overarching truth (while stating what they perceive as an overarching truth).
    • The question then arises: What is God’s worldview? What does He say the world needs?
      • John 1:14 “And the Word became flesh, and dwelt among us, and we saw His glory, glory as of the only begotten from the Father, full of grace and truth.

God’s worldview is we need grace and truth. So He sent Jesus.

 Posted: http://both-grace-and-truth.com

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