​Buffoonery 101

One night, my wife and I watched a series of television shows from A&E that depicted a woman’s departure from the Church of Scientology. During the third installment, she pointed out that Scientology people seem to have the same kind of devotion that the North Koreans do for that silly leader of theirs. She had a profound observation.

This morning I have been thinking about that more and more, and what an appropriate analogy it was. But it seems like we’ve been attracted to buffoons for many, many, many years. We see the films of Mussolini and his buffoonery on the balcony of a building in his uniform. We see the tyrannical rages of Hitler. We see the smug smiles of Stalin. And then we see the horrors associated with World Wars 1 and 2, Vietnam, Idi Amin and others throughout Africa and Pol Pot in Cambodia. Lately, only slightly less violent, it’s been those who are fanatical followers of Trump and fanatical haters of Trump. And then we see the fanatical followers and fanatical haters of Hillary.  We see people attracted to liars, unethical practices, and on and on. It makes me think that half the world, if not the majority, is addicted to buffoonery and the Stockholm Syndrome. And this doesn’t even yet include the fanatical followers of Islam. 

If there were ever any proof that this world is governed by the Prince of Darkness and Father of Lies, this must be part of it, if not the main part. 

“Observe, my son, with what little wisdom the world is run.” Baron von Oxenstierna, author, as quoted by Ben Stein

 Posted: http://both-grace-and-truth.com

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